December 28, 2012

Watch This Space

After a very long hiatus, I have finally returned. Still deciding which direction to take this blog, so stay tuned!

Any thoughts would be mucho appreciated. I'm trying to figure out how to live anonymously online. That is, how do I share my life & inspirations while maintaining my need for hermit-like privacy? We shall see.

March 06, 2012

One More Disney Day

This year, my birthday happened to coincide with the One More Disney Day celebration in which the park stayed open for 24 consecutive hours. Needless to say, I was ecstatic!! Who doesn't love going to Disney?! We got to watch the sun come up and go on the rides in the dead of night. It was so packed & everywhere you turned, people had this zombified-yet-giddy expression. I basically survived on coffee and pastries and adrenaline. Magically, no line we waited in was longer than 30 minutes. I wore a beautiful tiara (a birthday present to myself) and every single cast member referred to me as "princess" all day. I suspect being covered in glitter didn't hurt, either.

February 24, 2012

I'm crazy but you like it.

 Loca - Shakira

Loca. Loca. Loca.
I'm already thinking about Summer....
Orange sherbert nails.
Faux dreadlocks (which I can replicate in under an hour!)
Gold + Sequins
Sun-kissed skin, rose-colored lips, no makeup.

Last summer was perfecto, which only serves to increase my desire for it once more.

February 16, 2012

Second Skin

 One of my favorite sweaters. Listening to Marilyn Manson & waiting for my laundry to dry.

February 15, 2012

Curious Details

Sometimes the excess must be stripped away in order to see an object's true beauty. 

February 11, 2012

February 10, 2012

Flying Lessons

I can't really explain the feeling I get when I'm up in the air. It's like a long lost desire I never knew I had has suddenly bubbled up to the surface and I am compelled to oblige. 

Special thank you to my sister; I convinced her to ride along in the plane with me & take pictures while I was flying. I'm so lucky she indulges me in my lunatic hobbies.


February 08, 2012


Playing dress-up in the woods. It's what the cool kids do.


February 06, 2012

Stay Golden

Frolicking around last weekend in the perfect pair of gold, but not gold, cowboy boots.


January 31, 2012

Rugby by Ralph Lauren

How perfect are these striped bags from Rugby by Ralph Lauren? The navy/cream stripes are perfectly offset by the tan leather. I'm such a sucker for classic accessories like these. I would pair one of these bad boys with a grey cashmere sweater & my favorite leather riding boots, which are only a slightly lighter shade of tan and ridiculously comfortable.


January 30, 2012


This past weekend, my family & I went to a medieval faire. We've been going to these festivals for as long as I can remember! It's always so much fun to check out the many talented vendors and artisans and take in a good show (jousting anyone?). Here's a sneak peek of my sister's ultra cool steampunk elf costume. More photos to follow soon!

Melting in the sun, waiting for a jousting match to begin. I decided to try on her mask.
We wanted to have the best view of the match, so we snagged the best seats way ahead of time. The sun was so brutal, but it was totally worth it.